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The Unexpected Consequences Of Changing Your Life

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I was thinking recently about what it actually means to change your life? is it changing it so fundamentally that your previous life is not recognisable or is it something more modest?

Clearly some changes, will over time, change your life dramatically, even if that was not the intention whilst others that you intended to be dramatic, may turn out not to be so. For example if you decided to emigrate this would be a change that you would expect to fundamentally alter you life but what if you decided to return after a few months?

In reality most changes are often much smaller in ambition but may have long term effects. You may decide to make changes to your health and start taking up a new sport. Not dramatic but say you meet someone and then decide to get married or set up a business with them.

You may formally decide to change some aspect of your life, maybe to earn extra money. You have an idea, you put it in writing and set out a timeline and objectives and of course you start to implement it. You idea to make just a little cash suddenly springs into live and within a year or two you have to make a decision whether to go full time? Not your intention to start but your actions have created a new reality.

The point I am making here is that changing your life may have some unexpected consequences and results that you had not predicted. It is not a linear progression.

In my experience when you set out to change your life you should at a minimum be open to unexpected consequences. Go with the flow of your decision to change your life. It may change but not necessarily how you planned it!


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That Little Bit Extra

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The "little bit extra" is a very powerful concept to put into practice today in every aspect of your life. The difference between being ordinary and being extraordinary is that little bit EXTRA. The little bit extra is what separates average performers from CHAMPIONS!

In a sales process, the little bit extra is that one extra follow-up call, that extra sincere thank-you or the extra little bit of energy that you put into the presentation of your business. This will separate you from your competition. You can either go through the motions of your business or you can give that little bit extra in order to cement yourself in the mind of your potential customer. We all can relate to purchasing a product/service from someone who just gave you a little bit extra attention than their competitor did and THAT is the reason we bought from THEM!

When I personally coach someone, one of my key strategies is to move them to become champions in their field. One of the easiest ways is to show them the value of what a little extra eye contact with their prospects or customers brings. You need to look your prospect or customer directly in their eyes when you are presenting your business! This drives into them your confidence and conviction about what you and your product/service have to offer them. When I coach people, I tell them that the eye contact strategy alone will take them two steps ahead of their competition.

Remember, people will feed off your confidence from the look in your eyes. As you progress in your journey towards fulfilling your WHY, you need to constantly give that little extra! The true sign of a champion-to-be is just when it seems impossible for him/her to give that extra push; they dig deep down and give that little bit extra to fulfill their WHY! When I speak to groups, I train them to have the mindset of always giving a little bit more than their competitor. Over the long run, it will pay off big! A small improvement over a long period of time will produce outstanding results.

Now that you know the benefit of giving that little bit of extra effort, you need to ask yourself a question..."What can I do today and every day with a little more effort to move me to the champion level in my field?" You need to realize someone will be the champion in your chosen endeavor. Let me ask you a question, "Why not you?"


Change Your Life With Praxis!

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Making changes with Praxis is a simple idea! The art of using a new thought or idea seems simple, yet, sometimes we just cannot make the change. Embracing new ideas are difficult. People, in general do not like to make major life changes.

Do you need to change?

  • Your career? Getting a new career or finding the next job can be made easier! Changing your life with Praxis can get you on the move without fear or hesitation.
  • Love life? Meeting a new love or repairing your love life is an important personal focus that can be helped by changing your life with Praxis. If you are looking for a new love or need to work on the relationship you are in changing your life with Praxis can help!
  • Finances? Take charge of your finances, stay focused! Build confidence, self esteem.
  • Family life? Help build roots and stability in an unstable world. Changing your life with Praxis can be incorporated into you family and children's lives!
  • Relationship success? Make new friends, get rid of the old crowd that is holding you back! Making new friends can be difficult, sometimes just finding the time to go out, have some fun and meet new people is impossible! Changing your life with Praxis can help you build a successful schedule with balance!

Changing your life with Praxis is based on realizing and practicing new ideas with measured levels of success. Following through with a new idea or project can be intimidating. The fear of wondering if it will work, or what will happen through a change can be terrifying!

Changing your life with Praxis can help you re-prioritize your daily flow, help keep you on track. Achieving a clear mental focus can streamline your goals into success. Getting a goal written down into an idea can easily be done, the follow through to achieve that goal can be extremely difficult. You may not know where to start, or what comes next. Having clarity and focus can be done by changing your life with Praxis.

Making choices and then acting on them without guidance can seem like a huge burden. Changing your life with Praxis can truly offer a sense of understanding and well being through mental awareness. Changing your life with Praxis gives you the tools you need to be successful in a nasty job market or a chaotic home life. Having the ability to embrace and realize new ideas and concepts with out fear of failure can set you free from the hum drum life you have now.

Changing your life with Praxis can advance your goals, sending you into a positive mind set while helping you to achieve serenity in your life. When you start changing your life with Praxis, you will start to see how things can get better, and fast. Your love life, personal goals and ambitions will come together with a lasting effect of happiness and success.


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There are times when priorities change

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There are times when priorities change. I accept and welcome these changes as a necessary part of life.

My priorities are the things that are most important to me. Naturally, as I grow and change throughout my life's journey, different things become more important to me. Changing my priorities keeps me true to myself.

When I pursue new goals, these goals may replace or take precedence over goals I had in the past. Changing my priorities incorporates these goals into an important place in my life and helps me succeed.

I create my daily schedule according to my priorities so the most important tasks are sure to get done. On some days, a new task, goal, or challenge may be more important for that day, so I accept this and remain adaptable.

I make my decisions according to my priorities. In this way, I always know that I am making the right decision for me. It brings me the confidence to go ahead and act on my decisions, knowing that regrets cannot hold me hostage.

In order to follow my heart and keep true to myself, I examine my priorities often and change them as necessaryto reflect on what is most important to me.

Today, I plan to re-examine my priorities and re-set them with my most important people, goals, and tasks at the top.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What's most important to me?
2. Have I clarified my priorities to myself with these most important things at the top?
3. Do I make my decisions according to my priorities?


Positive Thought Positive Action Equals Successful Life

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Can you name one negative person with a successful life? Every successful person has had either a very positive person behind them or they had a very positive attitude. We need to start instructing or teaching our children the values of goal setting and planting or having a positive attitude. So many parents don't present a positive outlook or instill a can do attitude.

We have so many problem finders. We need more problem solvers. It's just a matter of how you look at it. The negative and the positive approach. It is so easy for so many to sit back and say,
"whoa as me". Those are the negative peoples that fall deeper and deeper into failure.

A positive person will accept the situation and go right into solving the problem. The whiner is to busy complaining to look for a solution for their problem. They will usually blame everyone else for their problems or troubles. Every single success story had obstacles that had to be overcome. Successful people just solve the problem and move onto the next. The whiner fails because he doesn't believe he can solve the problem or succeed. They just give up. That's where the BIG SIN is!

You stop and think, look back in your life. I bet you can find times where something came up and you said NO PROBLEM and you solved or fixed it. Then other times you just said awe what do I do what do I do? Then the minute you got back on the horse you solved the problem in no time.
I think it's a Universal Law. Success comes from belief and action and failure from doubt and inaction. If you do nothing, nothing will come from it. If you act upon it you will find an answer.

This is where we need to start teaching or instilling within our young people that anything canbe accomplished with positive thought and action. Even a mountain of dirt can be moved one shovel at a time. Sometimes some of us give our children and young people excuses so they don't keep trying.
Instead of telling them them can do it they can figure it out, we let them slide on many things that they actually could have down. So instead of making them stick to it or at least saying okay lets do it together then. You just let it slide.

The kids that are inspired to do well usually will. There are always exceptions to the rule. The kidsthat are slammed or knocked all the time, you can't do it, you won't do it. You will never be anything.

Most the time they won't. Now then again there are the ones that do turn things around, but it is because they became a positive person themselves for some reason. But it still goes back to being a positive person. So important to understand Attitude is success or failure.


The High Cost of Doing Nothing

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Cost is sometimes a difficult term to define. Here, we are not simply discussing cost as it relates to selling price, but rather opportunity cost. The web site, "Mentors, Ventures and Plans" defines opportunity cost as "The loss of the next best alternative whenever a decision is made involving two or more options". "Investing in Options" defines it as "Choosing the best alternative means that you can't choose the next-best alternative. Opportunity cost is the next-best alternative that must be sacrificed in order to get something else you want. Opportunity cost can be thought of as the road not taken." Inactivity, or doing nothing, is usually the highest price paid and is often associated with great opportunity cost. Inaction is usually the worst decision one can make, made from a base of fear.

Many of us will freeze when facing decisions. For some reason, decision making becomes complex, paralyzing and even painful for many people. It should not be this way. Making a decision is simply the act of choosing between alternatives. You must learn to weigh the implications of each possible decision and choose the outcome that is best for you and all others involved. For example, when your telephone bill comes due, you may choose to pay it or not. There are real obvious consequences for both actions. The situation becomes more complex however, when our human emotions enter the picture. For instance; you are offered a new job and must decide to leave your current position and move your family to a new location, hundreds of miles away.

What we often fail to realize, is that delaying important decisions or simply not making a decision at all, are actions that often impact us with the highest opportunity costs and worst case scenarios. Inactivity, or the lack of a decision, is actually a decision made, although one seldom made in our best interests. In this case, we unfortunately transfer over control of our lives to external forces and circumstances. We are now positioned to be at the mercy and decision-making of others. This is not your best scenario. There are often unusually high costs associated with doing nothing.

Decision making is actually a skill set that can be learned and refined. Like all skills, entering into a new area as a novice requires practice and application in order to see improvement. Keep in mind that you will indeed improve! Start small, with less important decisions involving less than crucial outcomes and gradually make more decisions on matters of greater importance. Soon, you will have few if any issues with making decisions. Learn to start small and work your way up, gradually extending your comfort zone in this area. A by-product of learning these new skills is that your confidence will surely improve as well.

Decision making need not be frightening. Think of it as a process that is your own, shedding any external pressure that others may be applying. Take your time, get your facts and choose the outcome that works best for you. Do not allow yourself to fall victim to the high cost of doing nothing.

Know What You Want and Make It Happen!

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How is your life and/or your business doing? Is it stagnating, boring, going nowhere? Have you become obsessed with meeting those loan repayments or trying to just survive until the next fistful of money comes in? Are you having trouble maintaining your positive expectancy about life and/or business?

Too many of us are living this way and it has to change! The Government won't do it for us, nor will our family or friends. So what steps do we need to take to make life worth living and our businesses into exciting ventures?

The way to live satisfying lives is to simply dream up the things that we want to do and then make them happen. A simple statement but so few of us can put it into practice!

You can put it into practice if you take these steps NOW! First, find yourself a quiet, comfortable location where you will be free from disturbances. Ensure that you have paper and pen handy as you will need to write some things down.

Brainstorm Ideas

Now, let's do some brainstorming. For the next ten to fifteen minutes, write down all the things you'd like to do. A few rules for this exercise are in order. Don't evaluate as you write! For example, if you'd like to go overseas on holidays for twelve months - don't stop and think whether you can afford it. Just write it down. Evaluation can occur later. At this stage, write down all the things that you'd like to do assuming there was nothing that you couldn't do.

Prioritise Ideas

When you have finished brainstorming, you will have a list of the things you would like to do - and hopefully it will be a long list! Your next step is to review your list and sort it into priority order. Again, do not evaluate any of these items as to feasibility, etc. while you are ranking them. At the top of a fresh sheet of paper, write the thing you would like to do most. Underneath that, write what you'd next like to do most. Continue doing this until you have sorted your list into order of most wanted to least want to do. Also, put beside each one when you would like to do it by.

Take a short break before proceeding to the next step.


Now, look at the top three items on your list and ask yourself the question: "What is stopping me from doing these things? It will help to clarify things if you write down these reasons. For example, if your number one choice is to go overseas for twelve months, your reasons for not being able to do so could be:
+ can't afford it;
+ can't leave my business unattended; and
+ afraid I won't like it when I get there.

You've got to remember that you are looking at the three things you'd like to do most! So you're not going to let reasons like that stop you from doing them, are you? Now spend some time thinking about what you can do to overcome these reasons. Again, brainstorming without evaluation can help. Write down all the things that come to mind that could overcome these obstacles. You might write down things like:
+ sell the business;
+ cut back on personal expenditure to save the money so can afford it;
+ get more information about where I want to go;
+ hire a manager to run my business while I'm away;
+ sell the house and use proceeds to pay for the trip;
+ increase my business so that I make more money; etc., etc.

Once you have a list of solutions (no matter how silly some may be), you can then evaluate them. Remember, sometimes it is the modification or extension of a silly idea that holds the solution. From this evaluation process, form a plan of how you could do what you most want to do.

Do a Plan of Action

Your final step in this process is to put your plan into action - and do it now! Don't wait for a more opportune time - the best time is always NOW!

However, don't let your big plans stop you from doing some of your smaller plans now. Pick a couple of activities you can do within the next month that won't cost you money. DO THEM! You will feel like a different person for having done so.

Okay, but can you apply this process to your business? You surely can. Instead of asking yourself what you would like to do, instead ask what can you do that will make your business more attractive to your customers so they will do more business with you?

Again, use brainstorming to help you. Follow all the steps above and you will come up with some great ideas that will help you to revitalise your business. Also, don't forget that the best source of ideas is from your customers. Ask them what they want - then give it to them provided you can do so at a profit. If you can't do it at a profit, brainstorm ideas on how you can do it at a profit. Always aim for continuous and never-ending improvement in your service to your customers.

You will see the difference doing things can make to your life and business!

Success By Doing It

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The importance of immediate, massive, daily action has been written about many times already but it is so important that it is worth writing about again and again. The examples in this article come from the world of business but they could apply to any other walk of life as well.

Marketing is the life blood of business but sometimes businessmen will wait until they have written the perfect advertisement or sales message before they send out even one ad. They also spend weeks making sure their website is beautifully designed with all the latest refinements.

Meanwhile good selling time is passing them by. Their product may even be out of date before they are happy with the advertisements. By the time they have everything perfect and ready to go, they may run out of capital and be forced to close down their business.

The best lesson I learned from the late Corey Rudl at a seminar in London was not to worry about creating a perfect website. Just get one up. His own dad had a website selling Ferrari car badges which was very ordinary but it was making money.

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire Mayor of New York, credits his success to getting going without spending too much time planning:

" We act from day one; others plan how to plan - for months."

Dave and Heidi Perry talk about a fairly average businessman and average marketer whom they call Jack.

Jack's motto was: "Doin' it, Doin'it, Doin'it" i.e do something, anything every day towards achieving your marketing goals.

He kept plugging away each day with his marketing even when the format of his sales brochures and forms was not very good. He would not wait for the format to be improved. He believed in 'Doin' it' even if he was not quite ready to do it.

This philosophy and behaviour made him a multi millionaire and a leader. Even though what he said was not profound and could at times be downright stupid, his action oriented words and behaviour led many to trust him and to follow his suggestions.

"He knew that to get a desired outcome, he had to actually DO something to get there."

Jack knew that if his audience would just do something - anything - every day toward their goals, they,too,would get there. He, himself, just started doing something.

He didn't wait until he had enough money to start his business or until his advertising materials were perfect or until he had a stockpile of products to sell. He started with what he had and did something every day to achieve his goal.

You can't dream or wish your way into riches although this can help. You have to actually do something about it however badly. What is worse than a sales ad? No sales ad. Don't wait until you have a great website or enough money to start your business.

Get going badly now and do something every day towards achieving your goal. You may still have doubts and fears but by doing something every day you will make progress and your confidence and power will increase.

Some people want to master a piece of software before they use it. The chances are that they will never use it!

The quickest way to learn how a software tool works is to start using it on a daily basis. We will make mistakes, of course, but we will also make progress in understanding the software.

I did not use an autoresponder for ages because I was afraid of making mistakes and sending people the wrong message. When I did get round to using one, I almost immediately made mistakes but learned rapidly how to put them right and no one sent in any letters of complaint!

If possible, find a mentor who can hold your hand while you try something new. However, mentors are not always easily available so trust yourself to have a go on your own and see what happens.

You will probably amaze yourself at what you can achieve on your own especially if you don't give up at the first signs of trouble.

Obviously preparation, thinking and planning are worth doing but there comes a time when the most important thing is to actually start taking action even if this means you are running risks. Try it and see what happens.

Start "Doing it!"


Take Action to Achieve Success

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As I was going through a new training course, that is helping me to develop a new career, there it was staring me right in the face - Take Action!

Few people REALLY understand how important this concept is to success.

We all know the old saying, "Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda," when we see an opportunity slip away. I know I've said, "I THOUGHT OF THAT YEARS AGO!" about some new gadget I came across. I didn't take action. I let small problems be excuses for not moving forward with the things I truly want.

Well, I finally decided enough is enough! I want a new lifestyle revolving around the goals that I want and not what someone else thinks I should want.

Everything doesn't have to be perfect the first time. I've definitely fallen into that old trap! Heck, most people don't even notice. Just do something! You can fix the mistakes later. We learn from our mistakes.

By allowing yourself to say, "I changed my mind" and "I was wrong", you will experience newfound freedom.

We are all creatures of habit and hate to be blown out of our comfort zones, but taking risks and just getting out there can move mountains.
"Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill's entire book revolves around one premise and that is to think. After thinking, take action and be persistent.
Be positive in your thinking and stay away from negative influences. When you hear negative comments, just realize most people are envious and secretly wish they were as brave as you.

Don't believe that success is hard. It is a process, so take it one step at a time. You can learn what you don't know.

I could go on and on about positive thinking. I'm sure you've heard it before. If you are looking to change your financial situation and your life, believe in yourself and take action! Don't let anymore wonderful opportunities pass you by!

Wishing you GREAT success.


3 Things You Must Have to Make Lots of Money Fast

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Where ever you are presently in your life you can begin to make large amounts of money very fast if you understand a few simple principles. Despite what anyone may tell you these principles of generating money fast do work.

These principles are not difficult but in order to understand them you must process them. You must take the time to give them some thought, until the thought becomes a part of your very being.

How to make money fast is one of the hot topics on everyone's mind. Most people will tell you that claims of making fast money is a hokes. Those are the very people who believe that only hard work and struggle can create money. However despite the hard work, the concept of fast money is still not part of the equation. After all if you are working very hard you are unlikely to be making the sort of fast money that you would dream of.

I can tell you from first hand experience that fast money does not come through hard work. If you are marketing your business or interested in accumulating more money struggling will only kill your changes of getting money in a fast and easily way.

--The First Step--

The first think you need in order to make fast money is to have a clear goal. How much do you want? You would be so surprise at how many people want more money but don't have a clear idea as to how much they want.

Without a clear goal your desire is just a wish, it is not concrete. Be specific about how much money you want and by when you would like to have it.

--The Second Step-

The very next step is to take inspired action. Inspired action comes from the universe as a nudge. It's the perfect idea, job or business that will help you in getting your goal accomplished.

It makes no sense trying to do something that your neighbor or your coworker tried. What is an ideal opportunity to make fast money for them may not be ideal for you. Besides your goals are unique and the opportunities that are rightfully aligned for you are rightfully suited for you to reach your goal in the time that you desire.

--The Third Step-

The third most powerful step is to have a clear and bright vision of your goal. This is where most people fail. Most people get caught up in fear and worry that their goal will not be able to materialize and spend lots of wasted time holding back on their actions.

How many times have you been offered a great idea which you may have promised to do but allowed your fears to get in the way?

You must be able to hold your vision in such a way as to feed it with your own personal powerful intention that your vision will materializes money a lot faster than usual.

Many people who understand the power of holding a clear vision have gone on to make money very fast again and again. Those are the ones who deeply understood the precise way. With a little time and your deep desire you can literally suck money to you faster.

Over the years I can honestly say that I have tested all these theories and without fail they work in generating money faster than if I did not practice these methods.