If you are planning your wedding or any family function or a business party and you are a fan of jazz music, then you should surely not miss out on the opportunity and immediately hire The Graduates. If you live in Sydney or even in Australia, and you haven’t yet listened to the live performance by The Graduates, then you surely have missed out on something. They are high on demand when it comes to performing live jazz music.

What makes them unique among many other live corporate bands in Sydney is the fact that they are not only experienced musicians and singers but also through professionals. The Graduate is a band consisting four extremely good looking, talented men, who play instruments such as the drums, piano, saxophone etc. Be it a classical jazz number or a modern day track, they will play it all to ensure that your event is remembered by all who stand witness to their live performance.

Irrespective of the nature of your event, whether it is an intimate family affair or a large scale business get together, they have performed in all sorts of gatherings. And this very experience has over the years allowed them to improve not only the sound quality of their instruments but also their musical synchrony with each other. One off course should not forget the long hours of training that goes behind in making each and every event they are hired for a success. For all these reasons, they are undoubtedly the top priority of many event organizers in the city as well as couples who plan to tie the knot.

For those who are interested in knowing more about The Graduates, here is all you need to know. They began performing in the year 2007 and have now been performing for over a decade and a half. What brought these four individuals together is their passion and love for jazz music, and a desire to keep it fresh among peoples memory. This allows them to bring authentic jazz music for the listeners meanwhile also letting them to experiment a bit with instruments such that the excitement of the listeners remains intact.

Ever since they have been performing, The Graduates are known for providing the following services: you can brief them beforehand if you want them to play a special song at your bridal entry or if you want them to play a song after your parents or friends speech etc. in addition to these songs, they also background music, which is neither too loud or soft, just the right amount so that those who are talking can continue to do so while others can enjoy them. They also play iconic jazz songs for dances. As far as their past experiences are concerned, their portfolio is quite impressive. They have performed at some of the best places across Australia. These are: the government house, the town hall in Sydney, at Sydney opera house, at the art gallery and museum just to name a few.