It was back in 1981 when the first ever laptop came to the market.  In just $1975 the users got the best experience with this handy alternative of the huge desktop computers. The first laptop by Osborne impressed the buyers with the compact dimensions. The five inch big screen, the keyboard fitted within the lid together compensated the heavy weight of 25 pounds that seemed little challenging.

Inspired by the laptops the new form of the laptops is the notebooks. Apparently, both of these look the same but there are certain basic differences that make then stand apart from each other. These differences are important to understand especially if you are going for hp notebook battery replacement. If you know the difference you would definitely not end up going to the shop handling the laptops.

What is a laptop?

A laptop is the updated version of the computer. It is a compact alternative to the huge desktop computers that are hard to carry around. Laptops can be moved around easily. Once charged they work the same way like the ordinary desktops. The usual weight of the laptop is between 4 and 12 pounds. The display and other dimensions vary from model to model. The laptop comes with the DVD drive and several peripheral options.

What is a notebook?

They are the recent form of the laptops that are as big as the notebooks. Their functions and features are limited as compared to the laptops. They by no means are an alternative to the desktops that can do the heavy duty jobs. Their processing power is limited and they are devoid of the DVD drivers and the peripherals.

The difference

Before going for the hp battery replacement make sure you know that you fully understand the differences between the laptop and the notebook.

  1. Fans: A laptop comes with the fans and other cooling devices. This helps in keeping the laptop cool even after hours of continuous working. On the other hand the notebooks do not have an efficient cooling system. The processing power of notebook is low so it is hard to keep the gadget cool with the fan. This adversely affects thehealth of the notebook and you have to go for hp notebook battery replacement very often.
  2. Size and weight: The laptops are large and heavy as compared to the notebooks. The latter are often in limited size and are comparatively light weight.
  3. Processing power: The processing power of a laptop is much more than the notebook.
  4. Optical drive: Optical drive and the DVD drive are available in the laptop but if you get the notebook they are missing from it.
  5. Hardware:The laptop hardware has better functionality than the hardware available in the notebooks.

Cost:The cost of laptops is much higher than the notebooks. The after sale cost that might include maintenance like the hp battery replacement for laptops or the hp notebook battery replacement in melbourne has a huge difference too.