Goals Help In Getting Out Of The “Pits”

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Have you ever encountered a person who feels like they are just "unfocused". Or maybe this is happening to you. Studies have shown that many people (including very successful ones) feel this way. We often get the feeling that we're stuck in a rut, going through the daily grind, just to stay where we are. Sort of like being on a treadmill: at the end of the day we're spent, but what have we accomplished?

While most of us are not happy or satisfied with this feeling, some experts contend that this is really a good thing. How can that be? That seems totally against everything we've been taught.

The fact is, it's the people who are not dissatisfied about being in a rut that are the ones who will never get out of it. If we are thinking about our goals, we will stand a much better chance of achieving them.

Three things to think about are:

1. What are we doing to achieve our goals? Are your goal-achieving activities consistant? Do they fit you and your personality?

2. Have you eliminated the waste in your life and your mind? What's taking your time and energy but not helping with goal achievement?

3. Practice numbers 1 and 2 above!

Remember, though, that great achievements take time. Oh sure, we hear about this guy or that gal that came in and became the top salesperson of their Company in a few weeks flat. Does that ever happen? Sometimes. But, I would suggest that usually that person has spent time and effort elsewhere preparing for this position. Success rarely happens overnight. For example, was Tiger Woods successful the first time he picked up a golf club? I doubt it.

But back to that pit. If you feel like you really are stuck and can't get out, try doing something radically different. Make some new goals, imagine what life will be like when you're achieved them, get rid of what isn't working. Think big and write down new goals or re-affirm your old ones. Also, remember to practice realistic patience.