Money is only part of your life

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Money is not separate from the rest of your life. It should not be seen as something that is dealt with and then filed away. It should be seen as an integral part of your life that permeates constructively through it. money is an enabler and therefore needs to be integrated with all aspects of your life. Financial and non financial aspects of your life are a holistic whole.

To do this there are 5 factors that need to be incorporated to change your life:

  1. Identify your life values, the things that are most important
  2. Set meaninful life goals; both financial and non financial
  3. Utilise hidden resources such as hobbies, education, family etc
  4. Prepare an action plan
  5. Act on it!

Though deceptively simple, some concentrated thought is required. The end result is that money will be used to propel you forward to reach your goals. Money if integrated with the rest of your life can change your life.