Stop Procrastinating and Change Your Life

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We've all done it. When we were young we did it and now as adults we do it. Of course you know what I'm talking about its Procrastination. It almost seems like a dirty word. You remember your mother would tell you to do chores and stop being lazy. Or remember your boss ordering you to "Get going or it'll be your last job". It can be a real problem for many people, employers and families. Learning to spot signs of procrastination can be of immense value not only for individuals but for the people around them. It can mean the difference between having a great standard of living and living on the streets. It could mean finding someone you love or being alone for a long time. We all have our reasons for putting things off, but you should do it in a way where it will have minimum effect on your life. Don't cripple your plans to build a great life, supercharge them. Let's find positive ways to stop procrastinating and change your life.

Some say procrastination is anxiety forming in our minds forcing us to delay tasks. It can cause us to kill our tasks which may end up killing our dreams. We may FEEL lazy or FEEL unmotivated making us change our choices. Given this statement it can be viewed not as a mental or behavioral issue, but an emotional one. It can also depend on your personality type such as small business people or even because of the type of job we hold. However we can take measures to lessen its influence through diligence and work. Once we learn how to overcome it the sky's the limit. Motivating one's mind and spirit can do wonders for improving your life. It can mean more money, better relationships and strong quality of life.

One of the best ways to overcome procrastination is to just do whatever task needs to be done. No delay, no thinking and no feeling just do the task immediately. Once started you can freely continue to progress with no delay or downtime. You just keep on trucking, happily knowing you are on your way to accomplishing your goals. It's like climbing a hill with the tough part only in the beginning, 90% is downhill after that. Another way to stop the slow-down is not to slow down! Keeping a rigorous pace can sustain momentum, being "On-a-Roll" as it were. This way you can jump any hurdles and avoid any downtime periods. Also don't evaluate in terms of mediocrity. Basically if you don't feel mediocre and don't do mediocre things then you will be less likely to fall into a mediocre pattern. This is why positive thinking works so well. If you don't fixate on a problem, then the issue can dissipate faster or you'll think of a solution easier. This has worked for many people who just don't "feel down". Staying upbeat can make you do upbeat things, which in turn get you excited and keep you motivated. This alone can make you seem more vibrant and attractive. Nobody wants to hang out with a downer, right? So don't be one.

Procrastination can be a result of deeper issues or behaviors. Take the time to honestly evaluate your position in life. Any behavior can be brought to the surface because of some underlying emotion. For example you may lash out at your family because of a bad day at work. Your inability to deal with work can make you irritable at home and vice versa. Not shopping for new clothing can be a way to delay going to social occasions. You don't have nice clothes so you can't go to the events, bypassing your social anxieties. Procrastinating can be the result of your inability to complete a project. You may know you don't have the skills so you delay the outcome of the project. Or it may be the opposite you may think the success of the project will get you more attention, attention that you may not want because of social or other anxiety. It could also mean fear of more responsibility. Your boss may promote you giving you more work. You may feel overwhelmed at the thought of a promotion. What if a promotion meant re-locating to a different city? You may fear losing a lover or friends for the sake of your career. Procrastination can be the visible behavior for so many internal emotional deficiencies.

When you have a pile of work don't rush into it. Take a step back and breath…get a cup of coffee or just take a walk. When you return start the first task and so on, until you are moving along quickly. Not feeling the frustration can be more than enough to put you on the right track. Changing your environment can also change your feelings. Like stated before, taking a walk can clear one's mind. Exercise can be a great way to expel the bad mojo. Remember don't let the procrastinating feelings start and you won't have to deal with them. Keep your body healthy, eat the right foods and get plenty of rest. Don't set yourself up for a bad day. You have it in your power to stay above the problems. Eventually this constant state of "being ahead of the curve" can become a habit. Whenever you feel the slightest bit of laziness, you will notice it and nip it in the butt.

All the ways to stop procrastinating and change your life can be used to improve other areas that need work. Your relationships, family, work and friends can all be improved upon. You don't have to change your whole lifestyle. Just start in one small area and progress to the next area. With a little work, you'll be able to get rid of procrastination for a long time. Make it a core part of your personality it IS possible to change your life, right now, today. You can make such a change in your life that will have a positive effect on you and others around. Stay positive and keep at it.