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Inertia and courage in changing your life

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Life Inertia 

Personal Growth: Changing your life “inertia” takes courage

I recently came across two articles by Jim Taylor, In the first he introduces the concept of life inertia: "The tendency of people, having once established a life trajectory, to continue on that course unless acted on by a greater force." This he follows with another which explores the role of courage in changing the trajectory of life inertia.

In short these are powerful ideas about the having the guts to actually change your life and he uses Star Wars and Indiana Jones to make the point. Brilliant!

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How to change your life and get what you want

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I enjoyed reading an article on how to change your life and getting what you want by Julien Smith except for one thing, its 5000 words long and despite being very comprehensive is a bit of a marathon to read.

It develops some good themes in a coherent manner and if you have the time well worth taking a look at.

These are the main change your life areas it covers:

  1. How to break bad patterns
  2. How to get back up again
  3. How to handle fear
  4. Raise the hurdles
  5. Change is cyclical
It is serious stuff! Let me know what you think?