The Unexpected Consequences Of Changing Your Life

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I was thinking recently about what it actually means to change your life? is it changing it so fundamentally that your previous life is not recognisable or is it something more modest?

Clearly some changes, will over time, change your life dramatically, even if that was not the intention whilst others that you intended to be dramatic, may turn out not to be so. For example if you decided to emigrate this would be a change that you would expect to fundamentally alter you life but what if you decided to return after a few months?

In reality most changes are often much smaller in ambition but may have long term effects. You may decide to make changes to your health and start taking up a new sport. Not dramatic but say you meet someone and then decide to get married or set up a business with them.

You may formally decide to change some aspect of your life, maybe to earn extra money. You have an idea, you put it in writing and set out a timeline and objectives and of course you start to implement it. You idea to make just a little cash suddenly springs into live and within a year or two you have to make a decision whether to go full time? Not your intention to start but your actions have created a new reality.

The point I am making here is that changing your life may have some unexpected consequences and results that you had not predicted. It is not a linear progression.

In my experience when you set out to change your life you should at a minimum be open to unexpected consequences. Go with the flow of your decision to change your life. It may change but not necessarily how you planned it!


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