To Change Your Life You Need To Change Your Attitude

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To change your life you need to change your attitude to life. Both require a conscious choice and some actual action or praxis whether practical or in the mind. To understand this process and to make it effective it is useful to look at some of the theoretical ideas that have been suggested about how a change in attitudes is a prerequisite for changing your life.

Attitude is an important concept. as a term it has been widely and extensively used and includes many related terms such as opinion, belief and values. These are often used interchangeably amongst both the general public and theorists of attitude change.

The components of attitude as a concept have been hotly debated in academic circles. Some early writers suggesting it has three components: knowledge, being for or against something and then the action taken. More recently variations of this have been suggested.

There is a great variety of theoretical approaches to attitude change.

  • Functional approaches where attitude change results from the different needs of the individual.
  • Cognitive consistency explain attitude change in terms need for people to maintain attitude consistency in light new information.
  • Cognitive dissonance explains change in terms of a perceived conflict between information, knowledge and the need to resolve it.
  • Learning theories emphasise the importance of education as a driver of change. New knowledge results peoples frames of reference alter.

Whilst no doubt all these approaches have potency from a practical perspective it is when we learn new ideas that attitudes change and subsequently our actions are altered. When this happens consciously it is possible to change your life.