Carpets undoubtedly make a room look much cozier and warm. These days they are available in all sizes and colors, made out of machines or even hand-woven. Having a good color and quality carpet will surely add to the aesthetic value of your interior. But as pleasing as they might look, can be easily spoiled if a child for instance drops the drink. The stains at times are difficult to remove if not cleaned immediately and properly. Apart from stains, carpets have a tendency to retain dust; therefore they need to be regularly cleaned. It is surely a challenging task to clean a full bedroom size carpet all on your own, or if you are unable to remove the stains, you must seek professional help. For that there are numerous companies across Australia, that provides you cleaning services, but the customer satisfaction reported to have been recorded for Regal Cleaning is unparalleled.

Whether it is the carpets at your home, at your commercial carpet cleaning services or some other place, you can have them cleaned by the team at Regal cleaning. In addition to carpet cleaning, they also clean your old mattress, tiles and other furniture that has leather on. Although they are situated by the north, but this does not mean that their services are also area restricted. As a business, their purpose is to provide quality services, irrespective where in Australia the customers live. So all that is required at your end is to contact the team at Regal Clean and from that step onwards, it is their responsibility.

Carpets can be cleaned through numerous ways, some of which are as follows: the first method is through steam cleaning. This method is known across the world as hot water extraction method. This method basically targets all those stains of ketchups, sauce, drinks, oil spills and what not. In short all stains those have over the years accumulated or have been absorbed by the carpet. Hot water extraction will not only remove these stains but also the bacteria embedded in thread, making your carpet as fresh and clean as it once was when you first bought it. The workers do so by spilling hot water along with a solution of chemicals at high pressure through a machine. This is then rubbed on to the carpet through the machine which is m annually monitored. The next step is to remove the solution through a strong vacuum followed by air dry. The temperature of the water used during cleaning is mostly between fifty to hundred and fifty Celsius, depending upon the settings of the machine and the condition of your carpet. For this treatment, the company may take away your carpet and return it to you within a few days after cleaning.

The treatment that your carpet will receive depend on its current condition, for example if you only want to get the dust removed or get it cleaned to avoid any allergies, then the cleaning process may vary.