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What Are The Benefits Of Using Long Span Shelves?

long span shelving

We all know the benefits of shelves. We can store multiple items in a small area. When we have a small area and we need to keep many things then we go for buying the shelves. Whether, it is a school, hospital, office or any other departmental store, all need the shelves. The purpose, which they service to each sector, is same and they make the organizing easy and accessible.

If we have a heavy machinery to keep and have a high length then normal shelves do not provide the purpose. We have to go for the long span shelving span shelves.

The Benefits

There are many reasons to have the long span shelves. Following are the common reasons that we must consider.

  • Store Heavy Loads

They are good for storing the heavy loads. We know that machines are heavy like generator and vacuum system. No customer can randomly buy these things, as they are expensive. They want to physically examine the machinery. Therefore, sellers keep them on the long span shelves so that customers have a look and get satisfied before buying.

  • Multiple Racks

We can have multiple racks at the same place. When we have a huge space but not sufficient that we can put multiple things on the floor. Then, we can go for this type of shelves. We can have multiple shelves, which help us in keeping all the machines in an organised manner. It is an easy way for the customers and for the sellers as well to have access.

  • Adjustable

They are adjustable. We can have multiple shelves in the same rack. For example, if we want two shelves in one rack then we can have them. They come in different sizes. We can choose the sizes as per our choices and preferences. We can make them customised as well.

  • Easy to Install

They are easy to install. The instruction are given in the manual. In addition, all the material, the connected screws, and other things are given with the package. We have to take out from the box, read the manual and set according to the instructions. It will not take much time in getting ready.

  • Affordable

They are affordable and we can but multiple shelves at the same time if the need is high. They are light on pocket and it is a long-term investment. We can go with hat without thinking.

B & R storage system has been offering the services of making all kinds of shelves. We have brown built shelving and long span racking available at good prices. You can call us r directly visit our website for the detailed options.

Enjoy Your Bath Time

People have different set perimeters for relaxation and always find one of the way for their relaxation. Out of many of the other ways, many people idolize the bath time as the most relaxation time. While idolizing the bath time people always desire to have a beautiful and the luxurious outlook washroom where they can get relax while enjoying the luxury in their life. Adding luxury in to washroom is not at all the difficult task in now days because the new innovative bathroom accessories have covered up the gap very well and can give a washroom luxurious look in just a eye blink. As we know that people use fancy basins, tiles etc. to give their washroom a unique and a new look. Likewise, the shower screens can give a beautiful and the unique look to washroom in no time as these shower screens are highly comfortable and go well with the people who want to enjoy their bath time while relaxing. The beautiful thing about these shower cabins are they are private and can give a separate look to the area where one can enjoy bath. The structure of shower screen is basic but one can add more designs and features to it according to their own likes and dislikes. Following are the reasons how one can enjoy their bath time more with these shower screens.

No Distraction:

As these shower screens are most convenient in a manner that reduce the noises from outside and help the person to enjoy the bath without any distraction. On the other hand, these shower cabins also comes with sliding door or grass door option so if one wanted to open it up for outside alert they can also do so while enjoy and being relax from their bath time.

Beautiful Look:

As we know people always, appreciate and praise the beautiful and luxury things around same goes with these shower screens, people enjoy the beautiful look of the screen and feel covered/protected while enjoying their relaxation time. Many people go with the option of the bathtub within the screen according to the area they have specified for the washroom. Go right here to find out more details.

Moreover, as these screen structures are the fruitful investment and go until long term therefore, one should choose the right shower screen provider. In this context a Sydney based shower screen provider called YSS” (Young Shower Screens). They have maintained website where one can go and choose the different size and style shower screen they provide like they have option of frameless shower screens, glass shower screen, frame shower screens etc. their website is the best guide for the sizes and the style too, one should choose them to make the wise and fruitful future decision.


Pros And Cons Of Laminate Timber Flooring

With so many available options of flooring, timber laminate flooring is considered one of the most commonly seen example. If you are in a situation where you are unable to make up your mind as to whether timber laminate flooring in Melbourne would be ideal for your house or not, we are here to guide you of the pros and cons of it. This will help you identify whether this particular flooring is suitable for you or not and as a result, make the decision process easier and quick. Let’s find out what those pros and cons are. 


  1. Installation

The number one benefit of timber laminate flooring is that the installation process is relatively easier than that of other available options. In fact, the process is so quick and easy that it allows one to install hundreds of sq. ft. of such type flooring in a single weekend. This is because the modern kind of flooring only requires you to click and lock it over the floor and you are good to go. 

  1. Cleaning

A lot of us take into account the cleaning and maintenance factor when choosing a flooring which of course, is a practical thing to ponder over. When it comes to timber laminate flooring, cleaning is considered one of the easiest tasks as all you need is slight mopping and there you have a nicely cleaned home. 

  1. Long Lasting

Since regular changing of flooring is not a feasible option for literally anyone, timber laminate flooring is one of the most ideal alternatives as they are known to be highly durable and long lasting. This means that they are no less than an investment as once installed, you can have various years of peace of mind. 


  1. Cleaning

As much as we say that cleaning is easier and quicker on such kind of oak flooring in Melbourne, one has to ensure that excessive water is not used during the process. This is because large quantities of water may result in swelling and seams between the flooring which can be seen as very obvious. 

  1. Moisture

Laminate timber flooring do not have the tolerance to endure regular water pools standing on the floor as this may result in severe damage of the floor. So if you have a lifestyle where there is severe water leaks from kitchen or bathroom, it is not wise to put your money onto such kind of flooring. 

  1. Maintenances

If by any chance a laminate timber flooring is damaged either by swelling or scratches, you will have to replace them as they do not have the tendency to be fixed or refinished unlike other types of flooring.  oak-floors.jpg